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Prosthetics Essay Example For Students

Prosthetics Essay IntroductionProsthetics is the part of medical procedure managing mechanical gadgets used to repeat the structure and capacity of missing body parts. Prosthetics is the substitution of defective or cut away body leaves behind fake body parts. Counterfeit appendages have been being used since in any event 300 BC. In AD 1509 German knight, Gtz von Berlichingen, called Gtz of the Iron Hand, wore a counterfeit hand with jointed fingers. From the get-go in the nineteenth century a German prosthesist assembled a hand with fingers that could be flexed or expanded and that could hold light articles, for example, a pen or a cap. Prior to World War I (1914-1918), wood was viewed as the best substance for making counterfeit legs, yet later an aluminum composite called Duraluminum, and all the more as of late fiber materials, have made fake appendages both lightweight and solid. As of late, the assembling of prosthetic gadgets has formed into a science. Counterfeit appendages with working joints can reenact common movement. Hip joint prostheses can give for all intents and purposes typical versatility to individuals with harmed hip joints. HistoryArtificial appendages, in one structure or other, have been being used from old occasions. In 1885, an example was found in a burial chamber at Capua, Italy, alongside different relics dating from 300BC. The praised fake hand worked in 1509 for the German knight Gotz von Berlichingen, who was called Gotz of the Iron Hand, weighed about 1.4 kg (3 lb.) and had explained fingers so developed as to have the option to get a handle on a blade or spear. The hand is in the Nrnberg Museum is still in working request. From the get-go in the nineteenth century a German prosthesist assembled a hand with fingers that could be flexed or stretched out without help but then could at present near hold light items, for example, a pen, a cloth, or a cap. In 1851, a French prosthesist imagined a fake arm fitted with a wooden hand and connected to a calfskin attachment that fitted the stump immovably. The fingers were half-shut, the thumb rotated on a pin and could press solidly against the finger tips by a hid, solid elastic band; the grip of the thumb could be worked by a component appended to the contrary shoulder. A similar innovator contrived a leg that recreated a characteristic walk and extended the step. TechnologyBefore World War I, wood was all around thought about the best substance for making fake legs. Prosthetic gadgets made of calfskin fortified with metal groups would in general lose their shape and were in this way unacceptable. At long last, the utilization of an aluminum combination called Duraluminum, and later of fiber materials, made conceivable the production of a fake appendage that was both lightweight and solid. Manufactured polymers currently being presented give a skin-like covering to certain types of prosthesis. To guarantee greatest solace for the wearer some prosthetic gadgets are presently fitted quickly following removal of the regular appendage. An inflexible mortar dressing is applied to the site, filling in as an attachment for the connection of a transitory prosthetic gadget. All the more as of late, utilization of a removable mortar dressing has diminished agony and contaminations while the prosthesis is being fitted. In certain serious cases, changeles s counterfeit arms are outfitted with little battery-fueled engines, which encourage development at the joints. The Committee on Prosthetics Research and Development of the National Research Council arranges the structure and advancement of prosthetic gadgets. Exceptional prosthetic preparing schools have been set up at a few colleges for the educating of present day prosthetic ideas to doctors, specialists, prosthesists, and physical and recovery advisors. Prosthetics are utilized for something beyond removed body parts, it tends to be utilized for enhancements, for example, extraordinary outfits and contact focal points. Prosthetics is one of the most seasoned and most significant new innovations in the science world today. A significant part of the consideration in this field is centered around cloning right now because of the way that prosthetics have not had any incredibly new or astonishing finds in the wake of cloning.

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Bay of Pigs

The enthusiasm of the United States in Cuba goes as far back as the pre-Civil War time when it needed to attach Cuba as a slave state for its cotton. Be that as it may, it was distinctly in 1898 that Cuba was won from Spain following the Spanish-American war. While this endured uniquely until 1902, the U. S. had the option to arrange a drawn out rent on the island at the Guantanamo Bay and transformed it into a maritime base. From that time until Castro assumed control, the second most remarkable authority in Cuba after the President was the U. S. Diplomat (Lafeber, 19 April 1986, p. 537).In 1947, open threats with socialism have started. President Truman prescribed to the U. S. Congress to stop the Russian hostility in Europe. This was contained in the Truman Doctrine (Ismael, 1965, P. 3212). This was trailed by a U. S. - drove food transport toward the western segment which the Russians were starving out with its Berlin bar. At that point, there was the help given to the socialists , incidentally, in the long run won and the dynamic cooperation in the Korean War of 1950. While such activities were disliked,, there was an evident agreement that the U.S. ought to in reality show that it isn't past utilizing power to stop the expansionist plans of the socialists. In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower was chosen President. The counter socialist supposition was especially overflowing around then with Senator McCarthy charging for all intents and purposes everybody of being a socialist, and prevailing with regards to spreading trepidation and struggle all through the nation. In Asia, China was giving indications of animosity against Taiwan which at that point prompted the US vow of help to any Southeast Asian Treaty Organization part who needs to ward off socialist advances.In Latin America, socialist impact was similarly spreading. In 1959, on January first, Fidel Castro and his guerillas figured out how to topple Fulgencio Batista and the previous Prime Minister and recen tly chose President Dr. Andres Rivero Aguero (Telzrow, 2006). The United States was one of the principal nations to recognize Castro’s authority through an official note pronouncing â€Å"the true altruism of the legislature of the United States towards the new government† (Welch, 1982, p. 29). Presently, Philip Bonsal was named as the enhanced US Ambassador to Havana.Bonsal was the previous minister to Bolivia where the Spanish-talking vocation negotiator had the option to build up a decent connection with the radical organization. After four months, in April 1959, Fidel Castro visited the United States where then Vice President Richard Nixon got the chance to meet him. Nixon singularly broadcasted him to be a socialist. Castro’s resulting changes were sufficiently radical to adjust Cuba to socialist gathering and slam into the Eisenhower Administration. There was the suspension of free decisions, socialization of personal business and the seizure of U. S. prop erty.This was trailed by the nationalization of organizations which delivered staple items, for example, milk and milk and side-effects, sugar, lager, toiletries, materials and even banks (Blight and Kornbluh, 1999, p. 161). Given these interior improvements in Cuba, the U. S. Branch of State had begun to draw up a concurrence with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that would impact the ruin of Castro by utilizing the Cuban group restricted to him to make it resemble an inner demonstration. The circumstance was all the more disturbing and an affront in light of the fact that socialism was basically flourishing next door.In December 1959, a diagram of tasks both in secretive and purposeful publicity structure for the topple of Castro was drawn up by the CIA head of Western Hemisphere, J. C. Lord. An increasingly extensive arrangement was drawn up by Jacob Esterline, previous head of the Guatemala station. On March 17, President Eisenhower endorsed a paper wrote by the CIA entitle d â€Å"A Program of Covert Action Against the Castro Regime† and the arrangement to cut down Castro was in progress. Individuals were set up. David Atlee Phillips was made purposeful publicity chief.He was to run Radio Swan, the station that would communicate promulgation against the Castro government. E. Howard Hunt was made head of political activity with the principle errand of arranging and setting up the individuals from the legislature that will supplant Castro’s once it is toppled. (Scourge and Kornbluh, 1999, p. 159). By July 1960, Russia and the U. S. were trading points. The Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Khruschev had proclaimed its help for Castro to which Eisenhower resolvedly answered that socialism won't be permitted by the U. develop in the Western Hemisphere (Sierra, 2007, standard. 7). On October 28, the United States reviewed Ambassador Bonsal for all time back to Washington and followed later by authoritatively severing every single conciliatory connection with Cuba. Cuba before long started to get arms from the Soviet Union (Telzrow, 21 August 2006, 37+). The occupant administration’s intrigue was not just coordinated on Cuba in 1960. Inside, there was an increasingly quick worry available. It was crusade period for the Presidential decisions. VP Richard Nixon was running against the famous Senator John F.Kennedy. He understood the affectability of the issue about Castro and socialist Cuba and rode as far as possible the American voters’ hostile to Castro assumption and their anxiety towards its goals. Prior in the battle, he was at that point advised by CIA Director Allan Dulles on insight matters as legally necessary and this instructions incorporated the classified data about the preparation of outcasts from Cuba who will be activated for an ambush on the island. At that point, just before an up-and-comer's discussion, Kennedy assaulted Eisenhower's Cuba strategy. He transparently called for U. for the banished enemy of Castro powers and further shouted that up to this point, these outcasts had not gotten any help from the administration. Kennedy realized that Nixon won't have the option to counter this assault without bargaining the mystery of the arrangement. Nixon could just scrutinize Kennedy for the flightiness of his announcements (Blight and Kornbluh, 1999, pp. 160-162). In the interim, the arrangement was consistently appearing. In May 1960, Radio Swan went broadcasting live. Utilizing a ground-breaking transmitter, it communicated programs that were really taped in Miami. The Cuban ousted powers were set in Guatemala.The officeholder President and despot of Guatemala, Gen. Miguel Ydigoras owed his situation to the CIA for implementing a clandestine activity in 1954 against then Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz. He subsequently permitted an air terminal to be worked in his nation. Nicaragua’s Anastacio Somoza likewise gave a preparation base in his nation (LaFeber, 16 April 1966, 537+). The Cuban banished powers were aggregately called Brigade 2506. They were initially being prepared off the shore of Florida. In the end, the size of the detachment developed to around 1,500 warriors. The Castro government was not choosing to disregard against every one of these things that were going on.Eventually, Castro got his opportunity and on September 26, 1960, he tended to the UN General Assembly where he charged the U. S. for setting up a telecom station in Swan Island which the U. S. falteringly discredited by expressing that it was an exclusive station by a business telecom organization. After a month, Cuba again went in all out attack mode again in the UN General Assembly this time with the Cuban Foreign Minister Raul Roa giving all around educated subtleties on how the enlistment and preparing of these ousted powers were supposedly being conducted.In his location, be that as it may, he didn't call them banishes however as soldiers of fort une and counter-progressives. He expressed that they were enlisted, paid and supported by the CIA by accommodating them and their families (Sierra, 2007, standard. 19). Afterward, in 2000, during a memorable gathering of the characters associated with the Bay of Pigs intrusion, these outcasts were by and by alluded to as hired fighters so, all in all Fidel Castro remedied him, â€Å"They’re brigadistas† (Dinges, 23 April 2001, 6). It was Castro’s system to reverse the situation of outside conclusion against the Americans and later we will perceive how this strategy by Castro end up being effective.At the between time, a spending plan of USD13 million was affirmed by President Eisenhower. He likewise approved the utilization of the Defense Department’s faculty and gear however distinctly educated that no American resident must be utilized in battle. In any case, the CIA’s beginning endeavor at dropping weapons and supplies in Cuba flopped pitiably. The drop zone was missed and the ground operator was gotten and shot (Blight and Kornbluh, 1999, 161). On January 1961, President John F. Kennedy got down to business. Subsequent to battling vigorously against absence of activity on Cuba, he basically caught himself. In LaFeber’s (1986), Kennedyâ€Å"despised Castro and saw himself clashing with Nikita Kruschev over which superpower would control the Third World. He was additionally energetically dedicated to a sentimental perspective on counter-progressive tasks and dreaded being marked as less of an enemy of Communist than Eisenhower, whose arrangements he had impacted just months sooner. So the assault proceeded the evening of April 17† (537+). Before the genuine intrusion occurred, the arrangement changed a few times because of a few variables. Kennedy’s Department of State feared the important effect on the US relations with Latin America (Lafeber, 1986, 537+).White House counselor Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. c ommented that while Kennedy was resolved about not utilizing US troopers straightforwardly, however the CIA followed up on the conviction that he will adjust his perspective (Dinges, 2001, 6). Everybody was of the supposition that the Cuban individuals would all ascent unexpectedly to dispose of Castro (Lafeber, 1986, 537+). In the interim, regardless of the considerable number of endeavors to abstain from having the US stamp on the banished powers by having the preparation camps and landing strip in Nicaragua and Guatemala, it was soon clear that the activity didn't stay a mystery for very long.It was even

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How to Choose the Best Paper to Write on

How to Choose the Best Paper to Write onChoosing the best paper to write on is a big task, and this is a decision that should be done carefully. When it comes to choosing the best paper for writing, there are many considerations to make. Before you begin choosing your paper, though, it is important to determine what type of paper is most suited for the job. If you do not know what type of paper to choose, you can search online for some helpful suggestions.First, decide whether you are going to use a flex or matte type of paper. Flex paper will be more prone to show signs of wear and tear, as it is prone to bending. These types of papers are also prone to bleed, which is why they are ideal for coloring and highlights work. A matte type of paper is much smoother and will hold its color longer than a flex. The flex papers are best suited for everyday paper use, while the matte papers are better for art works, articles, and decorative purposes.Next, you need to decide whether you want to use colored or uncolored paper. Colored papers are best for everything from simple, straight lines to detailed lettering. Uncolored papers, on the other hand, are great for highlighters and the like.Next, decide whether you want the paper to be blank or filled with writing. Blank papers are great for writing, but not ideal for coloring or other elaborate types of designs. Blank papers are great for basic coloring and embellishments.If you want a blank paper, you should go with a high quality paper. You can look for these in just about any store, but if you want to make sure you get the best paper, check the fine print. The fine print will usually say something like, 'ready for printing', or 'best for coloring'. You should be able to see these words. If not, it might be best to look for a different paper.When you are choosing the paper, you should always make sure that the paper is a good fit for the size of the paper you want to use. In addition, you should also check the paper's q uality and the weight. You don't want to pay more than you have to for the paper, so make sure the paper is worth the price before you purchase it.Finally, decide how you want to lay out the paper. If you have a photo on the paper, then you should have it lined up vertically. If you have a list of items, then you should lay them out on their proper side. If you are going to do a lot of writing, then you should have a special page where you can do that and choose an appropriate page for coloring.Paper and coloring go together like chalk and cheese. And paper to write on is a great way to express yourself.

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Thailand Is A Country Of Southeast Asia Essay - 1720 Words

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, where it is a homeland of over 65 million Thai people in 2015 (Boonrach, 2015). Considering the languages are using in Thailand, currently, there is not only a Thai language standing on the stage of all communities but also other languages other than Thai are standing beside it in local settings. Unexpectedly, there are over 80 languages are spoken in Thailand, but there is only one official spoken and written language due to the domination of Thai (Smalley, 1994; Rappa Wee, 2006; Darasawang Todd 2012). That is, Central Thai is the only one accepted language to stand at a national level, and the majority of Thai people are using Central Thai as an official language in various activities. In general, Thai people are using Central Thai to communicate across the nation in many situations such as socialising, marketing, broadcasting, teaching and learning and etc. This of course entails the idea that the Central Thai plays a role in language com munication and education in Thai contexts, but it is nevertheless not a monolingual language plays such a role in an educational setting. Therefore, there is a room for English language in the education system in Thailand. A part from a national language of Thailand, understanding about the first foreign language of the nation is also crucial to rise the point on order to be fully acquainted with a language education in the context of the study. It is certainly understandable that English isShow MoreRelatedThe Spread and Localization of Buddhism and Islam into Southeast Asia1659 Words   |  7 Pagesof religion first began through contact with neighbouring countries which gradually expand throughout the years. Buddhism and Islam are one of the most widespread religions across Southeast Asian countries like Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Trade merchants and imperial support of the religion were major factors in the facilitation and localization of the spread of Buddhism and Islam within Southeast Asia. However, there were also limitations presented which hinderedRead MoreChild Sex Trafficking in Southeast Asia Essay examples1414 Words   |  6 PagesChild Sex Traffic king in Southeast Asia The world today faces many problems that are being combated by many organizations, yet there are broad ranges of challenges that are waiting to be fixed up but the efforts are not producing great results. One such problem human trafficking has been affecting many lives through years but through recent decades human trafficking both sexually and labor exploitation have risen drastically. Especially, in Southeast Asia, where child sex trafficking is a constantRead MoreWhat Is The Association Of South East Asian Nations?1646 Words   |  7 Pagesorganization is a foundation and catalyst to strengthen the relationship between regional countries and reinforce solidarity in facing the challenges in the political, security and international economy arena (Keling, Md.Som, Saludin, Shuib, Ajis, 2011). As Asia becoming an economic fastest growing markets (Vinayak HV, 2014), the so called economy’s Goliath China is extremely high beyond its neighboring countries. Thus, ASEAN was e stablished with the signing of ASEAN Declaration (Bangkok Declaration)Read MoreSoutheast Asian Identity1663 Words   |  7 Pageswithout an identity†. Discuss this statement with reference to at least 3 examples.   Making a check with Oxford Dictionary; Southeast Asia is defined as the part of south-eastern Asia that includes the countries of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Burma (Myanmar), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. A â€Å"region† refers to an area, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries, and an â€Å"identity† refers to a close similarityRead MoreOverview Of Thailand Petroleum Industry Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesOverview of Thailand Petroleum Industry The ten countries in Southeast Asia established the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is straining an increasingly significant effect to world energy trends. Based on the report of the International Energy Agency (IEA) broadcasted by the Southeast Asia Energy Outlook Re-port (2015), the natural resources of Southeast Asia is abundant precisely fossil fuel resources in-cluding petroleum, gas, and coal and the significant countries that possessRead MoreAsean Essay750 Words   |  3 Pagesof the ASEAN ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), the most successful intergovernmental organization in the developing world today. It was preceded by an organization called the Association of Southeast Asia (ASA), which is founded by the Philippines, Thailand and the Federation of Malaya (now part of Malaysia) on July 31, 1961.ASA was replaced by ASEAN later on. According ASEAN’s report, ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the signing of the ASEAN DeclarationRead MoreOpportunity And Challenges For The Association Of Southeast Asia Nation Essay1483 Words   |  6 Pageschallenges for the association of Southeast Asia Nation (ASEAN) to promote trade and economic integration in the region. In this report we attempted to study the involvement factors towards the achievement of ASEAN, include economic, political and some other factors contributing to the success of ASEAN. The study structure of this report starts with the background history of ASEAN countries that what the reason is behind to make ASEAN countries group. What is the benefits for Asia Pacific. What is the aimsRead MoreBy The 1980S And Into Most Of The 1990S, The Asian Marketplace1713 Words   |  7 Pagesmost Asian countries began to increase. Stable governments were luring foreign investors, with the promise of high returns, and currencies that were tightly pinned to the US dollar that began throwing money into the ASEAN-5 (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand). Excitement in foreign investment greatly helps those foreign economies which intern helps the world economy as a whole. However, the extend and speed at which money was being invested into these countries during theRead MoreLaos1480 Words   |  6 PagesLaos Laos, officially the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and the Peoples Republic of China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west.   Capital:  Vientiane Currency:  Lao kip Population:  6.77 million (2013)   Government:  Communist state, Socialist state Official language:  Lao ------------------------------------------------- Etymology ------------------------------------------------- Read MoreCountry Background:. Thailand . Thailand Is In The Southeastern1028 Words   |  5 PagesCountry Background: Thailand Thailand is in the Southeastern region of Asia surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, and South China Sea. Sharing borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. (1) Thailand is approximately three times the size of Florida, and more than two times the size of Wyoming. (1) The countries government is based on a constitutional monarchy, with military affiliation. (1) Thailand possesses the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia; GDP for 2015

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The Jazz Age Of The 1920 S - 1272 Words

When people hear the 1920’s, many automatically think about the â€Å"Jazz Age.† They think about jazz music, movies, and new dances, but what people don t realize, is that the 1920’s was not always the non-stop party and drinking days for everyone. Many families and individuals faced the struggles of abject poverty and working conditions, the fear of the Ku Klux Klan, and women wanting women s rights and individualism. The author of my novel had to experience some of these struggles first hand. Born in Shtetl, Russian Poland, Anzia Yezierska immigrated to America in 1890 at eight years old with her poor family consisting of eight siblings and parents. She grew up in New York s lower east side under her Talmudic Scholar of a father rules. At age 17 she left home without her father s permission to become her own person. She went on to get an education and go to a university while working in sweatshops and laundries. (Bread Givers, Introduction) She wrote the book bread givers to let her audience know the severity of the working and living conditions, as well as how women were treated wrongfully in the 1920’s. The working conditions were awful for people to work in. People had to work long hour days in a hot, unhealthy environment that could potentially get them sick. On an average day, a worker worked at least ten hour days and six days a week. (Banner, 1) Every year in the 1920’s about 25,000 workers were killed on the job and 100,000 permanently disabled. (Zinn, 383) EvenShow MoreRelatedThe Jazz Age was one of the many highlights of the 1920’s before the stock market crash that1300 Words   |  6 PagesThe Jazz Age was one of the many highlights of the 1920’s before the stock market crash that triggered the start of the Great Depression in 1929. Because of the distress that the American soldiers faced during World War 1, many of them returned questioning the true meaning of life. Their solution was to recklessly enjoy their lives since you only live once. A completely new culture bloomed during the decade through it’s new music, crazy dancing and brand new atmosphere. While the country seemed toRead MoreMusic During The 1920 S1609 Words   |  7 PagesMusic in the 1920’s The Jazz Age was a cultural movement that took place in America during the 1920 s (also known as the Roaring Twenties) from which both jazz music and dance emerged. This movement matched with both the equally phenomenal introduction of mainstream radio and the conclusion of World War I. The 1920s was the decade that marked the beginning of the modern music era. Some of the popular music genres were Jazz, Dance Bands, Blues, and Broadway. The decade marked the beginning ofRead MoreRoaring Twenties in American Society After World War I. Essay645 Words   |  3 Pages After World War I, American society changed greatly. A new era, the Roaring Twenties, found its way in America along with the arrival of the flappers (Roaring). Americans were introduced to new fashion styles, the prohibition and the Jazz Age (Fashion, Jazz). Controversy proved to be very prominent with the Scopes Trial (Scopes). As the war came to a close, the Roaring Twenties made its way into America. This time period brought many changes that were new to Americans. Fashion changed fromRead MoreJazz During the 1920s1147 Words   |  5 PagesJazz During the 1920s The 1920’s was a time of innovation, creativity, and recklessness, causing a need for a new style of music. Jazz was fast-paced, upbeat, and very adaptive and it would go hand-in-hand with hedonistic lifestyle, truly giving the 20’s the title of The Jazz Age. Jazz is a style of music composed of various instruments. Originating in New Orleans, Louisiana it is believed that jazz rose up from the traditional African American style of dance music. As Jazz progressed itRead MoreTaking a Look at the Jazz Age1600 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica is rejoicing. The Jazz Age was a time of change and new beginnings for Americans. During the Jazz Age, the United States erupted in new musical and cultural changes. These changes can be seen through the shift in literature, from conservative to contemporary writings, by literary giants like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith. The Jazz Age was known as the Roaring Twenties, and is still popular today due to its infamous jazz music, flappers, and prohibition. The Jazz Age was an exciting, andRead MoreThe Influence of the Jazz Age911 Words   |  4 PagesThe Influence Of The Jazz Age Was it the music that made everyone rebel or was it the beautiful arrogant people. In the 1920’s was it an age of miracles and change or just disaster. Such as, new technology, better things, love and leisure. Music just filled people’s spirits with lust and want. The radio/music had brought many people together like nothing ever before. Jazz music became popular everyone loved it. It made you want to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. Jazz became extremely popularRead MoreJazz Music Essay1145 Words   |  5 Pages The Jazz Age is notably one of the most famous periods in the history of the United States. It was a span in the 1920s between the end of World War I and the beginning of the great Depression. The Jazz Age, otherwise known as the Roaring 20’s or the Flapper Era, is characterized by creativeness and a lively, strong rhythm. The Jazz Age is most well-known for its musical style, dances, modern ideas, extravagant ways of living, fashion, and new inventions. The Roaring 20’s is a very important eraRead MoreThe Jazz Age Essay1472 Words   |  6 PagesThe era of the Roaring Twenties, was a time of great societal change. Many of these changes were greatly influenced by jazz music. During this time, the country was coming out of World War I and the attitude of most people was dark and dismal. Dance and music clubs became tremendously popular in an effort to improve the quality of life for many people. After experiencing the death and destruction caused by World War I, young men and women were ready for a change. They wanted to forget aboutRead MoreEssay about Roaring Twenties772 Words   |  4 PagesRoaring Twenties The decade of 1920-1929 was a time of great change, reform, improvement, adjustment and alteration of everything Americans had come to rely on. In other words everything changed. Not one part of common life was unaffected. Exciting new events happened in sports, entertainment, science, politics, communication and transportation. It was the age of prohibition, it was the age of prosperity, and it was the age of downfall. The twenties were the age of everything. It has been calledRead MoreIntroduction Of Bespoke Tailoring : Exhibition Review998 Words   |  4 Pages– Exhibition Review The 1920’s is known world over for its glamour, glitz and fashion. Flapper dresses were in their height of style which accompanied the new-found jazz music of the era, this was very evident in the city of London at the time. To celebrate this exciting era the Fashion and Textiles Museum has an exhibition called ‘1920s JAZZ AGE Fashion Textiles’ (Fashion Textiles Museum (2016) Available at: (25/10/2016)

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George Chauncey, Why Marriage - 1245 Words

George Chauncey, Why Marriage?: The History Shaping Today s Debate over Gay Equality, 2004 Nisha Chittal, Judges Chip Away at Florida Gay Marriage Ban,, July 26, 2014 Jeffrey M. Jones, Same-Sex Marriage Support Solidifies Above 50% in U.S.,, May 13, 2013 Stonewall Rebellion,, Apr. 10, 2009 Goldberg, Carey (February 10, 2000). Vermont Panel Shies From Gay Marriage. New York Times. Retrieved July 13, 2013. On June 26,2015, the Supreme Court sided that gay marriage is a right protected by the U.S. Constitution in all 50 states. Previously, to their decision, same sex marriage was already legal in 37 states and†¦show more content†¦The case was later sent to lower court. Voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. Hawaii gain national attention, over 40 states over the next 10 years will pass the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMAs). That defines marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman. On September 21, 1996. President Bill Clinton, signed Federal Defense Of Marriage Act into a law. Which define marriage at a federal level between one man and one woman. This meant there would be no recognition in same sex nor federal protection and benefits given to married heterosexual couples. Vermont was the first state to introduce same sex marriage by enacting a statue without being required to do so by a court decision. December 20, 1999, Vermont court ruled in baker v. Vermont that Vermont constitution entitles same sex couples to the same benefits and protections afforded by Vermont law to married opposite sex couples. Between 2005 and Sep. 15, 2010, 14 more states followed suit, bringing the total number of states with constitutional bans on gay marriage to 30. On July 19, 2011, the Obama administration announced that it will be supporting a bill to repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act. Another decision on Feburary 23, 2011, Obama instructed the Justice Department ti stop defending Defense of Marriage act, over concerns that it violates the fifth amendment. On May 9, 2012 President Obama was the first sittingShow MoreRelatedGeorge Chauncey s Gay New York Essay1512 Words   |  7 Pageswriting about George Chauncey’s Gay New York. In this text, George Chauncey seeks to restore that world to history, to chart its geography, and to recapture its culture and politics by challenging three widespread myths about the history of gay life before the rise of the gay movement. These include the myths of isolation, invisibility and internalization. The homosexual community is considered a subculture to the heterosexual community, which identifies as the dominant culture. George Chauncey wants toRead MoreThe Changes Of Marriage During The 1950s966 Words   |  4 PagesThe changes of marriage in the United States Marriage is a relationship is about coming together in which two people have promised themselves being with each other. However, marriage in the United States has changed in the 1950s from what it is today. Marriage in the 1950s was different because there was no such idea of a divorce because women had to fix their marriage. (Tartakovsky). Yet, marriage that occurs today people can get a divorce in America. Marriage is better today in America than inRead MoreThe Issue Of Gay Marriage3385 Words   |  14 PagesHistory teaches us that marriage has classically been between a man and a woman, but in the recent years, people have begun to challenge that notion. Gay marriage has been one of the most controversial topics of debate lately, dividing our nation into those who support the idea and those who oppose. It seems as though no matter who is asked, each person’s opinion falls to one side or the other. States have been similarly divided in their treatment of the gay marriage is sue. Voters in some statesRead MoreSame-Sex Marriage in Modern Society5830 Words   |  23 PagesSame-Sex Marriage in Modern Society Many same-sex couples want to be granted the right to legally marry. The reason is simple: They are in love with each other. They want to honor their relationship in the greatest way society has to offer, by making a public commitment stand together in good times and bad life brings. While they receive some state-level protections, they do not receive most of the Federal emotional and economic benefits and protections of marriage. They are denied their rightRead MoreWhy The Stonewall Riots Became A Turning Point For The Lesbian Community1459 Words   |  6 Pagesprohibited. After homosexual were determined as â€Å"sociopathic personality disorder† discrimination against them increased. The federal government banned the employment of homosexuals in 1953 by Eisenhower who signed the Executive Order 10450 (Chauncey, George, Nancy), which insisted in the dismissal of all federal employees who were homosexual. Most of the state governments prohibited gay people being served in b ars and restaurants. Police officers regularly went undercover to gay bars, baths, andRead MoreThe Homosexual Relationship Between Antonio and Bassanio in William Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice1673 Words   |  7 Pageswork out; nonetheless, it is certain that his feelings for Bassanio are intense (â€Å"How to read The Merchant of Venice†124). It is worthwhile to think about what Antonio, in the beginning of the play, says he does not know: why he is sad. Antonio expresses: In sooth I know not why I am so sad. It wearies me, you say it wearies you; But how I caught it, found it, or came by it, What stuff ‘tis made of, whereof it is born, I am to learn†¦. (1.1.1-5) Salerio points out two explanations for the causes

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Medibank Private Limited

Question: The analysis of the financial report of MEDIBANK Private Limited. Answer: Wolf, M. (2008).Fixing global finance. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press. To: The Board of Directors From: MEDIBANK Private Limited Date: 31.05.2015 Subject: The analysis of the financial report of MEDIBANK Private Limited The MEDIBANK private limited business operation includes providing quality health care to their customers. The company focus on the large and the sustainable health care services that are required for the increment and the growth of the sustainability. It also keeps eyes on the future benefit claims which are arranged for enhancing the further cooperation. Thus it also helps in signifying the values that are requisite for the sustainability for the proper rising of the market competition (Droms and Wright, 2010). Thus it helps in signifying the overhead management and the values that are required for the proper continuation of the business operation and thus it also helps in the proper enhancement of the business operations that are carried out for the formation of the support for the organisation. Furthermore, the companys innovative ideas help the company to make progress with implementing the process in the organisation. The stakeholders of the company include shareholders, employ ees, community and other members associated with the company (Holton, 2012). The subsidiaries of the company includes Integrated Care Services Pty Ltd, The Travel Doctor TMVC Pty Ltd, IQ Consultants Pty Ltd, MEDIBANK Health Solutions Telehealth Pty Ltd, Fitness2Live Pty Ltd, Fitness2Live (UK) Ltd, MEDIBANK Health Solutions New Zealand Ltd, MEDIBANK Health Singapore Pte Ltd and MEDIBANK Asia Pte Ltd. The financial statement of the company shows the actual value of the company as well as its actual performance. The financial statements are prepared as per the accordance of the accounting standards and both by the subsidiary and parent company of the group. It helps the organization to structure their activities that helps in the creation of the proper growth for the company. The subsidiary statements help in the separation of the group which helps in claiming the increment of the profit in front of the parent entity (Horngren, 2013). Therefore, in the case of the MEDIBANK Private Limited, the claims on the profit could not be made by the company that are earned by the MEDIBANK Community Fund. Thus it helps in the creation of the significant differences that helps the company in the process of the evaluation of the considered risks. Therefore the consolidated financial statements are made by the parent organisation and the subsidiary organisation helps in the creation of the legal entity. Hence it also helps in the proper continuation of the safeguards for the appropriate prolongation of the rules and the policies in regarding the protection of information connected to the financial statements of the organisation (Kew and Watson, 2012). The funding options are available for the organization that exists for raising the funds of the organisation and thus financing their operating as well other activities of the organization (Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield, 2010). It also helps in the increment of the shares and the debentures from the public for the case of the increment of the funds. Debenture is a fund that the company provides fixed interests to the debenture holders and thus it also helps in completion of the debenture terms and the conditions that are required for the appropriate enhancement of the organisations obligations and therefore, the organisation helps in the provision of the interests for the proper creation of the profits for the company and thus for the others also (Kimmel, Weygandt and Kieso, 2007). The companies are also helpful for the purpose of raising the funds that are required for the solving the companys issues. The MEDIBANK Health Solution Pty Ltd is owned by the MEDIBANK Private Limited. The MEDIBANK Private Limited is an insurance company as well as the health company which helps in the provision of the shareholders that are helpful for the proper creation of the firm. Thus the infrastructural facilities that are created also helps in the improvement of the firms as well as the profit of the organisation. It can be achieved by the proper incurring of the losses that helps in incurring the losses that are required for the appropriate determination of the companys funds and thus it also helps in the creation of the losses that makes the investors and the other bankers to suffer a lot (Lambert, 2011). Thus the company also provides the facilities likes as the bonuses to the debentures and the shareholders of the company for the profits as per the case. Besides these all the things, the bankers and the investors also helps the company to raise the fund of the company that helps in the carrying out the fund gaining activities by the company. Source: (Anon, 2016) The financial statement of the organization provides significant information to the shareholders and the stakeholders of the organization. The financial reporting or the reports need to be aligned with International Financial Reporting Standards, and it is also published by the International Accounting Standards (Libby, Libby and Short, 2014). This is also prepared as per the Standards of Australia Accounting. The financial information of the organization discloses the corporate governance information is to capitalize on the business presentations, returns of the shareholders are seemed to be maximized and also its worth, to sustain the success and the development of the organization. It also incorporates risk supervision, corporate governance policies and practices including the process of risk supervision. The auditing group describes the financial information or the declarations of the company and also determines the exact value of the organization through its performance in their present market field. Sustainability of the company can be evaluated and determined by the given information in this financial statement field (McCarthy et al., 2012). The annual performance with its report need to be categorized as operational, financial, regulatory risks, and it incorporates the economic sustainability risks. The solvency risk of the organization may analyze with the assists of the financial leverage ratio, debt-equity and also to calculate the current ratio from the given information in this financial statements or the financial reporting. The proper income statement represents the profit, expense, revenue, and loss of the organization. It assists in determining the long term and short term performance of the organization like MEDIBANK Private Ltd. The financial statement of the company shows the non controlling interests that are paid on the shares that are outstanding. Non-controlling interests are the total sum that is remunerated on due shares of the organization within the fiscal year (McMillan, 2010. The non controlling interest is represented on their balance sheet of the company Depending on the acquisition the organizations determine the non controlling interests of particular exclusive property of acquiring. The surplus of the relocated consideration includes the sums of non-controlling interests to get hold of above the shares of the fair value of the organization to acquiring their net assets that are mostly recorded as the behavior. The intercompany transactions, unrealized gains and also the balances in between the group company need to be eliminated and also in this scenario; the unrealized losses are also reduced until the transaction is correctly supplied the manipulation of the transferred property or the tran sferred assets. The consolidated balance sheet of the group, as well as the firm like MEDIBANK Private Ltd, represents the non controlling interests (Robinson, 2009). The goodwill of a company is valued with the performance or enhanced operations of the company which indicates strong financial position of the organization. With the help of appropriate acquisition strategies the company would be able to achieve acquisition of the promising organization and building reputation in the market. The strong financial position of the company will lead to increase in the value, enhanced performance as well competing with other companies in the market (Rosen, 2005). The goodwill account shows in the balance sheet of the company for the year end. The acquisition strategy imposes considerable impact on the goodwill of the company. In bargaining the trader it can be either seller or buyer focus on maximum gain from the transaction. Therefore, in this case if the seller able to sell the product at the price fixed by him then it would be gain for him and is the buyer able to decrease the price of the product then it would be gain for him. The income statement sh ows the purchase and sale of the products and balance sheet shows the goodwill on the acquisition. Therefore, the financial statement of the company shows the purchase and sale of the products and services (Spiceland, 2009). MEDIBANK private limited also trade in the foreign market and hence it leads to foreign currency transactions. The company determines and evaluated risks in the foreign currency transactions in order to develop the company in the foreign market. The contacts, instruments derivatives and products are traded by the company. The consolidated income statement shows the exchange differences on the translation of the foreign operations (Weygandt, 2009). However, the risk rising from the financial apparatus of the group is risk of interest rate, risk of credit, price risk including liquidity risk and foreign currency risk. Different techniques and methods are used to manage such types of risks such as monitoring the exposure levels of foreign exchange risk, price risk and interest rate. The board agrees and reviews the policies to manage the risk which includes limits to trade in the derivatives, instruments derivatives and foreign currency contracts. The foreign subsidiary companies of MED IBANK private limited are the HATCHTECH Pty Limited and MEDIBANK Community Fund (Wolf, 2008). The foreign exchange trading is also shown in the income statement of the company for the year ended. The HATCHITECH Pty limited is a biotechnology organization which is an International federation of planning of health. Apart from this, the subsidiaries of the company are MEDIBANK Health Solutions Pty Ltd and Australian Health Management Group Pty Ltd. The financial statement of the company shows the current balances of the foreign currency transactions and ordinary shares issued by the company. The foreign currency risk refers to the risks that fair worth of the financial instrument would vary because of the changes in the rates of the foreign currency (Lambert, 2011). However, the investment in infrastructure and syndicated loans are managed externally and exposures of the currency are hedged by fund manager. The international equities are managed externally and half of the exposure of t he foreign currency is unhedged. The group has transactional exposure of the currency that arises from the purchases of the currencies other than functional currency. The transactions includes operational costs within other payable and trade that are minimal and the purchases of the foreign currency investment. Source: (Reuters, 2016) The financial statements of MEDIBANK private limited shows that the company is growing and shows positive results. The net income of the company is appropriate and the current ratio is above one which means that the company would be able to pay its debts (Kieso, Weygandt and Warfield, 2010). The share market price is also appropriate which means that the performance of the company is increasing in the current market situation. The MEDIBANK private limited provides increment benefits to their employee and appropriate training to them. The net income of the bank in the year 2015 is AUD285 millions and in the year 2014 it was AUD130.8 million. Therefore, the financial statements show that the company is having developing showing positive results and income (Kew and Watson, 2012). There the bank is earning income and generating maximum returns for their shareholders through internal trading and foreign exchange trades. MEDIBANK private limited would secure its position in the current mar ket environment and operating its business for the benefits of their stakeholders. 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